Layer name: Define layer name

To the elements can be assigned a layer ID using command Assign Ids. With this command a name can be assigned to the layer IDs. The use of layer names makes it possible to identify parts of the structure by name. Layer IDs and names will be saved with the structure to hard disk.

In case elements are read from AutoCAD, AutoCAD layers are continuously numbered and the IDs and names of the original layers are assigned to the elements.

To macro elements can be assigned layer IDs 1-100 and to finite elements layer IDs 101-199. When subdividing macro elements into finite elements a layer ID of original layer ID + 100 will be assigned. The layer names of original elements will be extended by the extension -fe.

Following dialog shows the available options:


Layer ID

The list box shows all available layer IDs together with their associated names. Any layer can be selected.

New name

A new layer name can be set.

Color index

Together with this layer a color index can be set.

Save names

Causes the actual settings to be saved.

Default names

All layers that have no name assigned yet will be assigned a default name in the form m_elem_xx where xx is the layer ID.

Delete all names

All layer names are deleted.

Delete unused names

In case associations between elements and layers are changed it’s possible that layer names remain without associated elements. This button removes these layer names.

Show list

A list box shows all available layer names together with associated color and number of referring elements.